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List of abbreviations

SCC System corner connectors
SDR System drainage
PS Curtain wall pin support
BP Curtain wall bottom point
TP Curtain wall top point
RS Curtain wall roller support
MS Curtain wall mullion splice
STC System T- connector
PIS Profile interconnection sequential

WHA Window handle
FBB Window mounting bracket
WHR Window hardware (in general)
WHI Window hinge
FMS Window motor opener
FOL Window top light hardware
WSP Window-striking plate
FSK Projected top-hung window hardware
WLO Window lock
FST Double-vent
FSW Window hardware for
horizontal/vertical pivot vent
FTS Window screw drive

LFW Roller lift and sliding elements

TBB Door – fixing hole
DBC Door- bottom configuration
DHA Door – handle
TFÖ Door – Escape door opener
TFS Door – FingerScan / Radio system
DCI Door – cable insert
TMK Door – pin flap
TOV Door – upper lock
DPC Door – profile cylinder
DBH Door – barrel hinge
DTC Door – tube cylinder
DSP Door – striking plate
DPH Door – push handle
DLO Door – lock
TSP Door – Meeting stile profiles
DPB Door – pushbar
TSZ Door – Safety pin, Safety bolt
DHI Door – hinge
DSB Door – shoot bolt
DCL Door – closer
TVB Door – concealed door hinge
TZB Door – Pivot hinge
TSK Door – striking plate/box top/bottom (triple interlock)

IPD-I Insertion profile door-inside
EPF Expansion profile frame
EPFS Expansion profile frame static
IPS Insertion profile sash
IPPI Insertion profile pivot
IFP Insertion frame profile
IDFR Insertion door frame
SA Sash windows
SAI Sash windows integrated
SA-PI Sash windows pivot
STR Sash transom
WMS Window meeting style
IOS Infill one side
IBS Infill both sides
FF Face-fitted
MMU Mounting profile – curtain wall
MU Mullion (vertical profile)
FR Frame
FRE Frame extension profile
TR Transom (horizontal profile)
TR Transom (Curtain wall)
THR Threshold
DSA Double sash windows
DRL Door rail
SMP Static mullion profile
DLE Door leaf
DMU Door mullion
DFR Door frame
DMS Door meeting style
IPD-O Insertion profile door-outside
ZFR Outer frame -Z

au Za Opening type: opening inward / outward for frames
aufs. Stepped face
BG Opposite hinge side
BS Hinge side
DR I/A Door handle on inside and outside
DRK Door handle
Düb Dowel fixing for hinges
E- Öffner Electric strikes (for striking plate)
EÖF12V Electric strikes 12V
EÖF24V Electric strikes 24V
FREIL With feedback and diode
Kopf Reverse installation
MK Pre-selector
NA Emergency exit (DIN EN 179)
Norm Standard installation
OHNE TSB Hardware macro contains no door strike plate
OV Upper lock
PA P/E Panic function P or E
PZ I/A Door profile cylinder on inside and outside
RMELDG With feedback
RR Round escutcheon
RREIL With feedback and diode
Schloss RF Latch-and-bolt lock
SLO Lock
Std. Ra. Standard frame
STLP Meeting stile profile
STV Inactive leaf locking
SVP Latch-and-bolt lock Dorma
Typ A/C2 Barrel hinge – Type
UG Shoot bolt return mechanism
ver. Reinforced (Structural profile)
VP Full panic
(BAZ) CNC-machinings defined
1/ 2flg. For single- or double-leaf door
22/66 Pivot point/ Dimension of the door hinge
2500 For doors up to 2500 mm height
6x 3tlg. Number of 3-part hinges

-1 Reference face 1
-6 Reference face 6
O outside
a.ö. Open out
_DR Drilling
EG Inlet gearbox
FB Flush mounted
LW Leaf width
FFB Sash rebate width
FFH Sash rebate height
LH Leaf height
FV Surface offset
GG Gearbox handle
GH Handle height
AX Auxiliary profile
I Inside
i.ö. Open in
KG Box gearbox
_NO Notch
_SL Slot
PA Panic
f2 Face 2
f3 Face 3
M mirror
STZ crimp
verd. concealed
verst. reinforced (statics)
V Vertical Profile
H Horizontal Profile
IP Insertion Profile
CP, CV Cover Profile
PP Pressure Plate
ST Stiles
RL Rail

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