Individual Databases and Reports

Individual databases customised
to your requirements

Databases have become essential for the efficient administration of data resources. Our software is also based on databases. Often they are only one part into a much more complex product. There are some cases where it makes sense to turn the database itself into the actual product. If so it is your requirements we tailor our development to. A great advantage of customised database programming is the flexibility in terms of functionality and quantity of data.

Database development

We support you through the entire development process.
From data preparation to database development and database finalisation.

Data Preparation

In the data preparation the basics for the database development are determined. Here we rely on your cooperation and your know-how. Because only you know exactly what the database should do. To ensure the best quality of your database, we need documents and data from you.

Our team needs to understand the system 100 percent in order to develop your database in the best possible quality. If necessary, they will come back to you when something is not clear.

Database Development

In the second step we take over the project. All technical and commercial connections of the profile system are stored in the Logikal database. If necessary, our team will come back to you in this phase. Once this step is completed, we provide you the first database status.

Database Optimisation

You have received the first database prototype. Now you can test the database in detail. We will assist you with any adjustments and enter them into the database. If the element input and the results in the evalations meet your expectations, the project is completed.

Database Maintenance

Profile systems are continuously modernized and optimised. Article prices change. Therefore the database needs to be updated regularly. We can also make this job for you. With our maintenance contract we will modify your data for you on call and keep your database up to date.

Development of Customised Reports

Many reports are available in Logikal. From estimation to fabrication plans and orders: You can create detailed reports quick and easy. Logikal provides multiple setting options to customise the reports to your needs.

If you want to display the information in a different way, we have also a solution for you:

The Orgadata Datenservice GmbH develops your individual reports – designed exactly to your requirements and in the corporate design of your company.

Contact our dataservice team

Our dataservice team will be pleased to answer your questions about individual databases. Our employees are experienced in the metal construction branch and are appreciated for their quick reaction. We provide the support you need for your daily work.

You can contact our dataservice team from monday to friday from 8:30 – 12:00am and from 1:30 – 5:00pm.