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Structural Analysis

With the aid of the statics module you are able to set up the parameters for a preliminary structural design so that they match with the given conditions. The standards of various countries are already available in the LogiKal database.

Wind loads can either be determined manually or calculated automatically by LogiKal. Depending on country-specific standards, wind zones and corresponding terrain categories are selectable. A wind load map supports your orientation and helps to allocate areas. If the wind load is already known or given by wind tunnel tests then you can also enter the value directly. Individually set up statics parameters may be saved as defaults and called up any time.

LogiKal’s beam statics module calculates the required moment of inertia (Ix) for each individual mullion and transom. The programme considers vertically installed window, door and curtain wall elements under horizontal load (wind). In windows and doors, mullions as well as transoms are always applied as single span beams. For curtain wall mullions, however, the number of spans and their dimensions are arbitrary. They are defined by the input of intermediate supports.

All common glass types such as float glass, cast glass, toughened safety glass (TSG), semi-tempered glass (STG) and laminated safety glass (LS G) are available during input. Based on the wind load, the current stress and deflection values of each individual glass pane are calculated. The results are checked in com-pliance with the corresponding national glass standards. If applicable, climatic loads evoked by season-dependent pressure differences in insulated glass units may be considered too. The deflection limits are defined by your glass supplier and entered by you on LogiKal’s limit value form.


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