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Floating Windows

In modern architecture special designs which offer less profile surface in the view become increasingly important. A more and more frequently occurring form of such a construction is the so-called "Floating Window" in a curtain wall, where the frame of a window performs a glass-bearing role for the adjacent fields. Such floating windows can now be easily embedded via standard insertions in the input of elements.

Select "Element" → "Insertions" in a curtain wall construction.


Click the following button:


Select a field in the position:


Create the insertion for the floating window and add the mullions.


Select a turn-tilt element e.g. and a fixed field from the insertions.

It is extremely important for this insertion that a fixed field exists!


Follow the further course of the program and finish the input of elements for this insertion. This takes you back to the view of the curtain wall. The floating window has now been successfully embedded.


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