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Create Drawings


By using this function you are able to create drawings of profile combinations with glazing. Step by Step you add several items together.

In the first dialogue you determine the system, glazing bead variation and subsystem.

In the second dialogue you select the insertion types.

Activate the option Free to select the following insertion types:

  • 1-leaf finger protection door
  • 1-leaf finger protection door opening out
  • 1-leaf swing door
  • Pivoting window

In the third dialogue you select the base profile. If you selected free in the dialogue before, you may also determine the insertions. In the bottom area of this dialogue you see the cross section of the profile combination.

To create the complete drawing in the CAD click on the button “Finish”.

Curtain Wall Section

Use this function to generate drawings of curtain wall sections.

In the first dialogue you may select the system, insulation, glazing bead variation and subsystem. Determine the number of glass panes, the glass configuration and the type of profile.

On the right you are able to select the type of corner and the angle of folding.

In the next dialogue you define the single items and bring them together to combination.

To add this curtain wall section to the drawing are please click on “Finish”.

Job Plan

Create job plans in the CAD by using this function.
The project management appears and you may select a project.
All position drawings of the job will be displayed.

After you select a project you are able to make settings for plan.

On the left you may determine internal or external view. It is also possible to display glass information, insertion numbers and transom connections.

On the right you select the type of dimension, the scale, position distances and the total width of the job plan.

Furthermore you my display alternative positions, items and hardware.

If you want to display a single position, activate the option “Select Single Positions”.

Assembly Lists

Assembly lists can be displayed in the CAD.
Click on “Assembly List” in the file menu.

Select a project and a position in the project management.

The following window opens:

Here you may determine the view type and the scale of the drawing.

You have also the possibility to display glass dimensions and determine the type of profile labels. Equal transoms can be consecutively numbered, profile grids can be entered and insertion positions can be displayed.

Exploded Drawing

By using this option you may generate exploded drawings.

The project management appears on the screen.
You may select the project from the list that shall be displayed as exploded drawing.

Shaped Glass Drawing

You also have the possibility to display shaped glass drawings in the CAD.
Therefor select in the file menu under “File” the option “Shaped Glass Drawing”.

Select a project from the list.

The shaped glass drawing is displayed in the drawing area.

Page Administration

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