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End Deductions, Saw Cut Deduction and Usable Residual Length

The "System article" screen has been completely restructured.

Each profile can be assigned an individually usable residual length under "User Database" > "System Articles."

The saw cut deduction is now determined in the saw settings solely in relation to the machine.

These are located under "CNC Database" > CNC Company Standard" > "Properties" in the "Settings" tab.

If you need to define end deductions due to the technical characteristics of the saw, these can also be entered in this tab.

The values of "End deduction start" and "End" in the saw settings are compared to the end deductions stored in the profile or coater, and the largest respective value is used.

The values for the total end deduction and Eloxal total end deduction are now stored for every profile in the "System Database" under "Article Data." This means customers are no longer required to update these optimization-relevant data.

If you are having the profiles powder-coated or anodized by an independent coater, you can enter the respective deductions under "User Database" > "Colours".

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