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Variable Solid Glass Corners

Elements with 90° solid glass corners are part of your and our everyday life. But it’s not unusual that you are required to produce glass corners that are not rectangular. Naturally you also require the U-values for these solid glass corners. Quickly, safely, and reliably the variable solid glass corner will become a part of your everyday work.

There are two additional versions of the corner formation for solid glass corners available:
1. “Symmetrical without step glazing”
2. “Symmetrical with step glazing”

To apply the corner formation click “Solid Glass Corners” on the left hand side of “Grid” in the program window of the input of elements. Select the corresponding mullion for the solid glass corner and click “Apply” in the toolbar right below. You can select the new corner formation in the following program window under “Type of Solid Glass Corner”.



Psi-values for solid glass corners are also estimated.

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