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Title Blocks

Create Title Blocks

It is possible to create title blocks in CAD. Therefor you may use templates or create title blocks by yourself.

Modify Templates

The program already contains templates for title blocks. You may modify them in a few steps.

Run “CAD”.

Click on  “File -> Load”.

The title block templates can be found in the directory TITLE BLOCKS.

These templates can also be downloaded here.

Select a file, e.g. “Example”.

The title block drawing appears on the screen.

Here you may insert or delete attributes and variables by by using the text function in CAD. Please do always enter the description with the characters “&&” infront. These descriptions will be automatically replaced by text in the print preview.

Standard of Attributes

The following attributes are available for CAD drawings.

&&MSTB Drawing Scale
&&DATUM Printout Date
&&CADNAME Drawing Name with file path
&&CADNAMEK Drawing Name without file path

The following attributes are available for cross section drawings.

&&POSNR Position Number
&&SERIE Profile System
&&ANSICHT Internal-/External View
&&ANZAHL Quantity
&&MSTBANSICHT Position Scale
&&MSTBSCHNITTE Cross Section Scale
&&POSFARBE Position Colour
&&OBJNAME Project Name
&&ANGEBOTSNR Quotation Number
&&FREIERTEXT1…6 Free Text
&&BEARBEITER Person in Charge (Commercial)
&&TECHBEARBEITER Person in Charge (Technical)
&&TELEFON Phone Number
&&TELEFON2 Phone Number 2
&&TELEFAX Fax Number
&&PLZORT ZIP and City
&&STRASSE Street
&&NAME1 Name 1
&&NAME2 Name 2

You may also create custom attributes which are not listed here. They consist of the attribute name within invertet commas and „&&“ infront. When these are used the program asks automatically for the values to be printed.


Please note, that title blocks must have a scale of 1:1 and must be saved in the directory TITLE BLOCKS.

Use Title Blocks

You may select the title blocks in the print screen:

A new window appears. Here you determine how the selected title block is supposed to be filled out.

You always get back to this window by clicking on the button “Label”.

The title block could be look like this.

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