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Automatic fastening for an add-on profile on an add-on profile

If you have already created machinings for attaching an add-on profile to the frame, you can also use these machinings for add-on profiles on an add-on profile.

In this case, you only need to create a CNC group for the add-on profile on the add-on profile.

Note: In the program you can set a maximum of two add-on profiles with machinings on top of each other.

Group machinings

Select at "CNC Database" > "CNC Groups".

Click the "Add" button to create a new group.

Enter the main group name at "Name". This name must be identical to the main group name of the add-on profile on the frame (described further above in the document).

In this example: ORG_AD

At "Subname" you enter the more detailed name for the group.

In this example: AD + AD.

AD = add-on profile

Determine the system in which the machining is to be used and select the option "Profile interconnection sequential" at Type.

Click on "OK".

In the next window, you define the profiles and machinings to be used in this group.

In section 1 "Base profiles" enter the profile numbers for which the machinings for the add-on profile will be considered.

In section 2, enter the machinings that you have created for add-on profiles at the beginning of this document.

In section 3 " Linked profiles", enter the profile numbers again for which the machinings are to be taken into account for the add-on profiles.

In section 4, enter the machinings that you have created at the beginning of this document for add-on profiles on the frame.

Unless you work with longer fixing screws, you will have to define a different edge and intermediate distance for add-on profile on an add-on profile, depending on the element length.

Use in element input

In the input of elements, create a position with the profiles for which you have created the machinings.

The machinings are displayed accordingly in the program mask CNC-Machining.

If drills should lie on top of each other, you have the option of entering an X-offset in the input of elements for the respective machinings.

Double-click on the profile drawings of the second add-on profile.

Select the CNC group from the list on the left side.

To the right of the list, at "X-offset", enter the distance of the machining on the profile manually. Then click "Save" to save the changes.

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