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Creating Manual Templates

In case you wish to design your templates rather flexible, you should use the manual templates. You can create a template new or alternatively use a template and alter it according to your requirements (see below).

Click „New“ in the toolbar of the report settings.


Enter a new name for the template.

Select „Report type“ → „Manual template“.

Double click the new entry.


The template designer opens.


Here the individual elements of a report can be designed step by step.

Click „Add“ in the toolbar and select the option „Drawing“.


Select a picture from the lower area.

Under „Position / Size“ you can now arrange the picture according to your wishes.


Click „Add“ in the toolbar again and select „Text“.


You can now embed text modules in the lower area.

Click „Add“ in the lower are of the toolbar.

A new window opens. Here you can select frequently used modules such as date, time, side etc. The selected modules are shown in the text field above.


In the file tree under the drop-down menu you have the opportunity to add further variables. For this you find amongst other things addresses, project information, and a lot of other fields.

Click here to get an overview of all variables.

Texts are positioned in the same way as pictures by input of the values „Position / Size“.

Note: As soon as you have finished the template, you should also set it in the respective report under layout as a template.


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