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LogiKal is equipped with an internal CAD which stands out due to easy and user-friendly handling.

Drawing of construction foils, sheet metals, insulations, guidelines, etc. can be actualised easily and quickly. Drawing objects can be selected and edited at any time. Automatically assigned labels alter associatively. Frequently used drawings may be organised in blocks. Changes are performed in the block management and automatically updated throughout the entire drawing. Drawing objects may be placed on different layers.

DWG and DXF files can be imported smoothly. As a matter of course, existing drawings can also be saved as DWG and DXF files. Furthermore, the formats BMP, JPE G, EMF, PS and ZIP are available.

It is possible to access external CAD programmes such as AutoCAD with an interface.

In addition to all basic drawing functions, LogiKal CAD provides very special functions too. If, for instance, you generate whole cross-section drawings of profile combinations including glass, a wizard will support the input of all essential details, e.g. system, glazing bead variant, inserts, glass thickness, base elements and insertion profiles.
Sections of curtain wall profile configurations are easily and quickly created by a wizard. From the system and the profiles you are also able to select the type and the angle of a folding here.
A standard item generator allows you to draw screws, steel beams and timber profiles quickly. Cross sections of individual positions are imported into CAD by the cross-section module.
Use the possibility to display job plans and assembly lists as drawings too.

With the aid of well-arranged dialogues, determine which information shall be shown in the drawing.


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