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The following functions are available here:

1 Click this icon to sign out of the system.

2 In the "User account" section, click "Edit user account" to update your user account data.

3 In the "Applications and permissions" section, click "Change permissions" to get an overview of the applications you are using and the corresponding permissions.

4 In the "Security and privacy" section, click "Edit settings" to change your password, delete your user account or manage your sessions and access permissions.

5 In the "Email address" section, click "Change email address" to change the email address connected to your user account.

6 In the "Memberships" section, click "Show memberships" to get an overview of the organisations of which you are an administrator, an owner or a member.

7 You can access the privacy policy, legal notice, contact channels and online help system as well as change the language of the web interface via the footer.

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