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Security and privacy

  • On the dashboard, click "Edit settings":
  • The following page opens:

Change password

  • Click "Change password".
  • On the following page, enter your current password, set a new password and enter it a second time to confirm:
  • Click "Change password". You will be signed out of your user account and can then sign in again with the new password.

Delete user account

  • Click "Delete user account" to delete your user account from the system. In the following window, you will get an overview of the applications and organisations that are affected by the deletion:
  • Enter your password.
  • Click "Request deletion". You will receive an email from the ORGADATA ID system.
  • Click the attached link in the email to confirm the deletion.

Sessions and access permissions

Use this function to protect your account from unauthorised access if you are signed in on devices that are currently not under your control.

  • Click "Manage sessions". You will receive information about the current sessions and access permissions of your user account:
  • Click "Delete and sign out" to delete your sessions and access permissions and sign out of your user account. You can sign in again at any time.
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