Access ERP-systems via mdb-format

ERP-systems using mdb-format can be set up in LogiKal as follows:

Select in the filemenu of the “Project Center” on “Settings” > “Reports”.


Click on the button “New”.

Enter under “Report Name” the name of your ERP system

Select „ERP-Export“ as report type.

Settings General

Make the following settings in the tab “General”:


Enter the following data:

“Output Directory”: Determine the directory for the output files.

„File Name“: Enter „Report#.mdb“.

Select in the dropdown beneath “Offer Number”

Settings Database

Under the tab „Database“ you have the option to set „Flags“.


Here you determine the information that your mdb file is supposed to contain.

With the check box „Keep sub positions together with main positions“ insertion elements of a curtain wall will not be written as a separate position in the mdb file.

Settings Position Drawing

In the tab „Position Drawing“ you can determine how many position drawings and which information of a position are to be created. At least one position drawing should be activated here.


Save the settings and close the window.

On the right hand side of the project centre you now have a new toolbar with the description of your ERP-programme available. Click this button to export the project data to the mdb-format.



After creating a mdb, please copy the referenced drawings and texts from the output directory into another directory or evaluate the data. The position drawings will be exported numbered consecutively. Therefore the position drawings would be overwritten with another mdb after the export.