LogiKal-Plugin for Athena


To activate the LogiKal-Plugin in AutoCAD, the following licences have to be activated:

  • LogiKal CADSuite 2D
  • LogiKal-3D-Interface CAD

In addition you need a current Athena-version.

For 64 bit systems the current version of Microsoft C++ Redistributable Packages should be installed.


Load Plugin

The LogiKal-Plugin for AutoCAD was automatically installed with the installation of Athena.

It only needs to be loaded. For this purpose enter the command ABILAD or MENÜLAD in the  AutoCAD-command line.

The following dialogue opens:

Click „Browse“ and select Interface.cuix in the path of the current user.

Note: Hidden files and folders have to be displayed in your explorer.

In the new tab “Interface” you specify the path to your LogiKal-Installation: