Automatic Fastening for Add-On Profiles

1. Creating CNC machining

Under “CNC Database” -> “CNC Machining”, select the system.

A list of the available machinings appears.


Add a new machining to the list.

Under Type, select the option “Profile Interconnection Sequential”.

2. Creating a machining group

Under “CNC Database” -> “CNC Groups”, select the system.

Click the “Add” button to create a new group.


Select the manufacturer and enter the group name.

Specify the series in which the machining should be used and under Type, select the option “Profile Interconnection sequential”. Click on OK.

Open the new created group.


In the upper fields, enter the profiles you want to double as the base profile.

As Associated profiles, select the profiles that appear in the frame.

In the corresponding fields underneath, enter the machinings that you created in step 1.

3. Entering a group

Under “CNC Database” -> “Substitutions”, select the system.


Select the profiles that you want to have as an add-on and enter the group under “Fixing”.

4. Use

In element entry, create an item with the profiles for which you created machinings. Your machinings now appear on the CNC machining form in the software.



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