Abbreviations in CNC Machining and Groups

System machinings

SEV: System corner connectors

SEW: System drainage

STV: System T-Connectors


Hardware machinings for windows

FGR: Window handle

FOL: Machinings for top light hardware


Hardware machinings for doors

TBD: Door – floor seal

TDR: Door – handle

TKU: Door – cable insert

TMK: Door – pin flap

TPZ: Door – profile cylinder

TRZ: Door – tube cylinder

TRB: Door – barrel hinge

TSB: Door – striking plate

TSK: Door – striking plate/box top/bottom (triple interlock)

TSL: Door – lock

TSG: Door – push handle

TTB: Door – door hinge

TTR: Door – shoot bolt

TTS: Door – door closer

TST: Door – pushbar


Abbreviations in hardware macros

I/O: Outside – Opening In

SL: Door Lock

TSB: Door striking plate

DR I/A: Door handle on interior and exterior

PA P/E: Panic function P or E

PZ I/A: Door profile cylinder on interior and exterior

WITHOUT STRIKER PLATE: Hardware macro has no striking plate

OV: Upper interlock

STV: Slave Leaf Locking

MK: Pin flap

RR: Round escutcheon plate

E-Opener: Electrical opener (for striking plate)

RMELDG: with feedback

RREIL: with feedback and free run diode

FREIL: with feedback and free run diode

SVP: Horizontal latch lock Dorma

EÖF12V: Electrical opener 12V

EÖF24V: Electrical opener 24V

UG: Corner Drives

STLP: Meeting stile profile

VP: Full panic

1/ 2sash: for 1 or 2 sashes Door

6x 3-part: Number of 3-part hinges

Type A/C2: Barrel hinge type

Inside – Outside: Opening type: opening inwards / outwards

In Fr, out Fr: Opening type: opening in/out for frame

22/66: Axis / segment height of the hinge

2500: for doors up to 2500mm in height

Anch.: Anchor fastening for hinge

(BAZ): CNC-Machinings

Norm: Standard Installation

Header: Head/ lintel mounting

BG: Opposite Hinge

BS: Hinge Side

vert.: Reinforced (static profile)

strik. : striking

SLO: Lock

DRK: Handle

Std. Fr.: Standard frame

Lock HL: Horizontal latch lock

Lock horizontal: Horizontal lock


Abbreviations in formulas (hardware macros, additional hardware input)

GH: Handle Height

FB: Vent width

FH: Vent height

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