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The Rodenberg door panel configurator is embedded directly in the glass input of Logikal.

With this function, all technical and economic data of this supplier of door panels is available fast, securely and directly.

Open Configurator

In the glass input under panels you select the supplier and get direct access to the online configurator. Once there you move on Rodenberg's configurator desktop and "build" your "Customer Request Panel".

How it works

Select a door field in the position drawing and click "Door Panel" and then "Door Panel Rodenberg".


Rodenberg's door panel configurator opens up.

Select the panel and its properties. Afterwards click the save symbol in the upper line to get back to Logikal.

Working with Logikal

Once the door panels are configurated, transfer the technical and economic data back to Logikal, where they will be factored into the element.

In case your are interested in using this online configurator, please contact the Rodenberg customer support.

Subsequent discounts for door panels

Door Panels from the Rodenberg Online Configurator can get in Logikal discounts subsequently.

How it works

Select the job with the door panel from the online configurator.

Click on the button „Estimation" and select "Estimation Data".

In the program window „Edit Estimation Data and Discounts" you will find the discount group "Door Panels Rodenberg" in the list.


Double click on this entry and enter the discounts in the following program window:


You can also open this program window by making a right mouse click on the entry. Select "Edit Discounts" from the context menu.

This discount group will be applied globally for all articles of the selected job and will be considered in the estimation.

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