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Settings for ERP-Export of Quotations

Create an ERP export entry for quotations. A detailed description of the basic settings for an ERP export via SQLite can be found in the following chapter: Settings for a basic ERP export with SQLite

After you have made the basic settings, click on the "Database" tab.

Activate under "Flags" the options "Estimation" and "Quotation Prices".

Then click on the "Edit SQL" button and the SQL Editor appears.

Activate the following options in the "Database Structure" area on the right side:

  • "Projects"
  • "Phases"
  • "ElevationGroups"
  • "Elevations"
  • "ReportOfferTexts"

By using this selection, the following data is written into the SQLite3 file:


All project-related information is stored under "Projects".


  • Name: Project name
  • OrderNo: Oder number
  • OfferDiscount1: The first quotation discount


If available, the phase information is displayed in the Phases table. The table is linked to the projects table via the ProjectID.


The table ElevationGroups is linked to the phase via PhaseID.


In the table Elevation you find all information about a position. The table is linked to the table ElevationGroups via the ElevationGroupID.


  • Name: Position name
  • Description: Position description
  • Amount: Amount of positions


Here the individual quotation areas are listed (as displayed under Settings + quotation). The table is linked to the Elevations table via the ElevationID.


  • Description: Path + file name to an RTF file with the quotation text
  • ReportOfferTexts.Price: Price of the quotation area. The sum per ElevationID determines the position price.
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