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3003, 2023

Registro modifiche

giovedì, 30. Marzo 2023|

When selecting lamination colours in the position properties, it is now also possible to search by order number. In the [...]

2212, 2022

Registro modifiche

giovedì, 22. Dicembre 2022|

A new format for the gasket machine Lemuth 3.5 is available. The dimensions for the MTI V4.3 format have been [...]

411, 2022

Registro modifiche

venerdì, 4. Novembre 2022|

The program termination in case of incorrect main clamp orientations on Mecal machines has been corrected. The stability and performance [...]

909, 2022

Registro modifiche

venerdì, 9. Settembre 2022|

When generating CNC files, hinge right groups are written correctly again. Older discount groups can be integrated again via the [...]

609, 2022

Liste Fermavetri

martedì, 6. Settembre 2022|

Creare liste di vetrazione personalizzate Altri video:

2804, 2022

Registro modifiche

giovedì, 28. Aprile 2022|

Importing hardware from other positions is possible again. The barcode output with code 39 has been corrected. The coating area [...]



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