Start Page

When starting the programme you will get to the start page.


In the left column you will find the basic functions for creating and editing projects and drawings. Right underneath the project’s history is displayed. Based on this history you are able to see, which projects have been opened most recently. If you click on one of the projects, this project will open in the project centre.

On the right side in the tile area you will find the most common basic functions. With these you are able to create new projects, open existing projects and start the CAD.

Click the tile „Help“ or push the key „F1“ to get to the programme’s online help.

Under „Preliminary Structural Design“ you will find the integrated programme for static calculation. Find out more in the chapter Static.

A news ticker keeps you updated on the current programme news. Click one of the news issues to start the online help system and obtain detailed information.

When releasing new programme versions we will inform you about the programme updates under „Newsletter“.

Programme and data updates are available for you under „Updates“.

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