Type of Reports

The reports can be divided into system and customer reports.

System reports

  • official reports provided automatically by Orgadata
  • cannot be altered by the customer
  • are updated automatically


Customer reports

  • can be altered by the customer
  • reports are not overwritten by Orgadata and receive no updates

Manual templates

Manual report templates are characterised by a flexible design. Each customer can design his own template and thus produce individual letterheads. Aside from texts, drawings, and lines variables such as customer and delivery addresses, case handlers or other values can be transferred.


Reports are with list & label created report and are provided by Orgadata.

Report derivations

A report derivation always refers to an original report. If a customer wants to adapt his offer specifically to his wishes e.g. he creates a derivation and alters the report data/layout according to his wishes. A huge advantage of derivations as opposed to copies is the update-ability, that is to say that updates of the original report are passed on without the settings being altered.

The header of the derivation shows a reference to the original report.

Report groups

With the aid of report groups several reports can be combined to one printout. If a customer wishes e.g. to print out all production papers with one click he can enter them here.


Labels are created with list & label and provided by Orgadata.

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