Anchor Machinings

1. Creating machining

Go through the “CNC Database” to “CNC Machining”.

Select a system.

Create a machining for an anchor hole for side 1.

Under “Group Type” select the option “Profile Interconnection sequential”.

The reference side is the side towards the leaf.


Then create a machining for an anchor hole for side 6.



2. Creating a machining group

Under “CNC Database” -> “CNC Groups” select the system.

Click the “Add” button to create a new group.


Select the profile supplier and enter the group name for the machinings at the top.

Specify the systems in which the machining shall be used. Under “Type” you select “Profile Interconnection sequential”. Click on “OK”.

Open the new group and specify the distances here.

Enter the profiles. In the corresponding fields underneath, enter the machinings that you created in step 1. Save the settings.



3. Create Wall Connection

Enter a wall connection under “User database” -> “System Input” -> “Wall connection”.

Assign the wall connection to the CNC group.



4. Using anchor machinings

Select in Input of Element in the Element form the button “Wall connection”:


You can check the machinings in CNC machining.


The striking plate has an “exclusive range” due to the input of the screw connections (user database, door hardware, striking plate). In this range, only machinings for the striking plate will be carried out.

The anchor machining is automatically offset.

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