User Interface CAD

Shortcuts in CAD

DEL: deletes selected drawings

SHIFT + DEL: removes and copies selected drawing elements

CTRL + DEL: copies selected drawing elements

SHIFT + INS: pastes copied drawing elements

SHIFT + CTRL + S: saves selected drawing elements in a file

CTRL + A: selects all drawing elements

CTRL + U: deselects all selected drawings

CTRL + C: copies selected drawing elements

CTRL + V: pastes drawing elements

CTRL + X: cuts selected drawing elements and copies them to the clipboard

CTRL + Z: Undo

CTRL + P: Print

CTRL + M: selects drawing elements. If more than one drawing is available, the mouse arrow has to be in the area of the drawing that shall be selected.

CTRL + L: creates a starting point of a line

CTRL + N: creates a new drawing

CTRL + O: Adds an additional drawing to the displayed drawing on the screen

CTRL + S: Saves a drawing to the CAD database

Pan function: By pressed scroll wheel you can move in a drawing.


User Interface CAD

The CAD user interface contains several components.

The description of the components are displayed in this picture:

On the following pages you get more information about the function of these components.



Toolbars allow direct access to frequently used functions and contain buttons of different functions.
For more information about toolbars click here.



The status bar is on the bottom of the screen. Here you find information while you are creating a drawing e.g. the coordinates of the cursor and different drawing functions.


File Menu

The file menu is on the top of the screen  and contains all functions and setting of the LogiKal CAD.

Click with the mouse on a item in the file menu, to display the list of the different options.

You are also able to use the keyboard. Press the ALT key and the underlined character of the menu item.

Example: If you want to create a new drawing, press the ALT key and F. The file menu appears. Now press the key N and a blank page appears on the drawing area.


Context Menu

By using the context menu you are able to get quick access on all relevant functions while creating a drawing.

You may display the context menu by right click in the drawing area.


PAN and Zoom Function

Use the zoom function to enlarge or to reduce the view of drawing.
Move the scroll wheel up to zoom in.
Move the scroll wheel down zoom out.

By using the PAN function you are able to move in a drawing. Therefor press the scroll wheel of the mouse and move it to the desired position.


Element input, CAD and estimation interaction

With LogiKal, CAD and estimation are integrated even more tightly.

For example, you can incorporate your elements into a CAD installation drawing as early as the design phase. To do so, simply add your item views and sections to your drawing.

Modifications made in the Input of Element in LogiKal are immediately updated in the drawing.

You can also edit the elements directly from the drawing.

This is then updated across all workplaces.

This significantly speeds up cooperation at your company and prevents mistakes.

All personnel will have access to the same version of the element’s design.

This interplay also works when a new CAD system is integrated into your workflow.

Here too, modifications are immediately forwarded from CAD to LogiKal and from LogiKal to CAD.

In addition, ERP systems use the same connection to keep materials, resource planning, estimations etc. up to date – no matter where or in what linked program the changes are made, all other instances will be current.

Located in the file menu of CAD is the “Position” menu.

This menu allows you to create completely new projects and positions directly in CAD.

Positions can be added to the drawing area and edited.

To insert the item, open CAD and click on “Position” -> “Insert Position” in the file menu. Select an item from the list.

To generate a cross-sectional view of this position, click on “Position” -> “Set Section Line” in the file menu. Draw the cutting line with the left mouse button pressed.

Place the sectional drawing on the drawing area by pressing the left mouse button.

The sectional view can be changed by clicking the right mouse button.

Dimensional changes can be made directly via “Settings” -> “User Settings” -> “Positions”. This allows you to modify the size ratio between the drawing elements using the scale settings for view and editing.

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