Using LogiKal at home

Unique situations, special measures

The current situation causes significant challenges for the economy. As a precautionary measure, many companies are shifting individual activities to the home office. As a reliable partner, we support our customers at any time. Therefore we offer our customers different ways to use LogiKal also working from home.

Three ways to use LogiKal in your home office

We are happy to support you with the following three options to use LogiKal at home:

In the following sections we present the variants in detail.

Network capable server license

Existing network capable server license

As a user of a LogiKal server dongle it is already possible for you and your employees to use our software LogiKal via remote access from home or any other location.

Conversion of single user license to network capable server license

Easily convert your existing single user licenses into a network capable server license. This offers each of your LogiKal users full access to your projects in their home office. We provide you with the server license for a period of 3 months (plus the beginning of the month) free of charge. After this period you can easily extend the server license with additional costs.

Network capable single user license

In order to give you the possibility to access your company network from your home office with your existing single user dongle, we convert it to a network capable single user dongle.

Local software license

As an alternative we offer you to continue using LogiKal completely without access to your company network. For this purpose we provide you a simple program with which you can take your LogiKal installation home. We provide the software dongle for a period of 2 months free of charge. After this period you can easily extend this additional license with additional costs.

The following instructions will help you to set up LogiKal on your home office computer:

Info about Backup & Restore
Info about the Software Dongle

Our offer

Take advantage of our offer and use LogiKal also working from home.
We will be happy to support you. If you are interested, please contact your responsible area sales manager.

Your contact person

Do you need help regarding LogiKal?

Our technical support will be pleased to answer your questions about our software. Our employees are experienced in the metal construction branch and are appreciated for their quick reaction. We provide the support you need for your daily work with LogiKal.

You can reach our support centre from Monday to Friday from 8:30 – 12:00am and from 1:30 – 5:00pm.