MES Changelog

The following additions and corrections were made in the latest MES update.

1909, 2022

MES Changelog

Monday, 19. September 2022|

  • The communication between the MES service and the WebAPI is now more efficient. The update button in the project overview of the Shopfloor Manager is functional again.
  • In the Shopfloor Manager, finishing projects automatically has been corrected.
  • The filter function in the terminal displays the correct filter results even during placing steps.
  • Writing configuration files after the update has been corrected.
  • The manual printing of documents in the terminal has been corrected.
  • The function "Stock registration via barcode" in the terminal has been corrected.
  • The "required parts" dialog in the terminal is now displayed correctly.
2806, 2022

MES Changelog

Tuesday, 28. June 2022|

  • The management of residual lengths and alternative machines has been improved.
  • "Piece with cutting"-articles can now be ignored when exporting to the MES.
  • The set image format is now always displayed correctly in the printout.


  • Further functions for displaying the entries have been added to the provision overview.
  • In the provision overview, projects can be provided with notes, which can also be divided into colour categories.
  • The assembly name can be added to MES barcode labels.
  • The search dialogue in the terminal has been newly developed and contains more information.
  • FPC reports in the MES can now be generated for special FPC types (system and free FPC).
  • The terminal displays information about residual lengths available on another saw.


  • The filter in the terminal opens faster.
  • The dialogue for "required parts" loads faster.
  • Barcode scans have been optimised in the terminal.
  • The processing of EluCloud signals has been improved.
  • The completion of a fabrication step in the terminal has been optimised.
  • Notifications in the terminal appear faster and work with alternative saws in combination with the option "Show placing steps".
  • The stock behaviour in combination with residual lengths has been improved.
  • The stock terminal and the automatic stock system are now working together.
  • The automatic completion of projects in the shopfloor manager works again.
  • Job numbers are displayed again in the filter.
  • The workflow for alternative saws with different successors has been adapted.
  • In the dashboard in the project overview, placing steps are no longer taken into account.
2803, 2022

MES Changelog

Monday, 28. March 2022|

  • The dashboard now displays the version of the dashboard and the version of the MES API.
  • The terminals in the Shopfloor Manager are now sorted alphanumerically.
  • A selected filter now remains active even if the workstation is changed at the terminal.
  • Timed maintenance FPC are executed correctly again.
  • Settings in the system FPC are considered again in the terminal.
  • Communication with the EluCloud has been improved.
  • The message of the FPC history is displayed correctly in the terminal again.
  • Completing the installation steps in the terminal in combination with the command "Enable substeps of workstation automatically" works again.
1401, 2022

MES Changelog

Friday, 14. January 2022|

  • Notification management has been optimised.
  • The performance of the database has been improved.
  • The diagnostic tool displays alternative production steps correctly again.
  • The steps in the successor relation between two saws with the setting "Show placing steps" are displayed correctly again.
  • In the Shopfloor Manager, the new function "Show progress bar in the Shopfloor Manager" has been added under "Global settings" > "General".
  • Displaying filters in the terminal has been improved.
  • Scanning barcodes that are not in the MES system is working again.
1711, 2021

MES Changelog

Wednesday, 17. November 2021|

  • FPC-messages in the MES FPC-report are displayed correctly again.
  • The FPC history is displayed again.
  • In the FPC query, the input of decimals as nominal values works again.
  • Navigating back to alternative workstations in presentation mode works again.
  • The visualisation of the workstation name in the terminal has been adjusted.
  • The timeout problem in the terminal when opening the filter has been fixed.
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