Technical Information

Temporary directory

While the programme is being used, data is processed in a temporary directory that is specific to the user. This temporary directory must be local, on a hard disk, and should have at least 30GB of memory available.

It is not recommended to delete data in a temporary directory. Please note that if deleted, the programme will take longer to load next time it starts up, in order to re-create the temporary data.

Licensing via a single-user USB dongle

The programme is licensed with a USB dongle. This is provided by us with programme installation.

Single-user dongles are directly connected to a PC.

It is not possible to gain access via a remote desktop on a PC with a connected dongle.

Licensing via a server USB dongle

Server dongles are used for licensing networks.

The programme controls the dongle using Ports UDP/TCP 1947. If the dongle and clients are to be located in different IP address areas, IP forwarding must be set up. Please contact Orgadata Support for this.

All devices that are equipped with a dongle require a dongle driver. The current version of the driver can be downloaded here: The “Sentinel LDK License Manager” service is installed by driver setup and must always run in the background.

Internet connection

An internet connection is required for updates, newsletters, dongle activation, status reports, error transmission and remote maintenance.

The following data speeds should be available for this:

Minimum requirements



6,016 kbit/s

50,000 kbit/s


576 kbit/s

10,000 kbit/s

Firewall settings

Programme updates are carried out via ( using Ports FTP 21 and 11965.

The passive ports FTP 50000 – 52000 are required for downloads and uploads.

In the local networks, server dongles communicate via ports TCP and UDP 1947.

Network connection

A stable network connection is required to process data via data share in a network environment. It should have a minimum speed of 100 Mbit/s (1 Gbit/s recommended).

Data security

When backing up data, ensure that the programme directory is backed up, including all subdirectories. It is not necessary to back up temporary directories.