Client/single-user PCs

‘Client installation’ means local installation on a PC.

The following system requirements apply for a PC:

Minimum requirements Recommended
Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8
NET Framework from Version 4.5.2
Windows 10
NET Framework from Version 4.5.2
Processor Intel Core i5 or
Intel Core i7 or
AMD Ryzen
Memory 32-bit operating system 4GB RAM
64-bit operating system 6GB RAM
64-bit operating system 8GB RAM
Hard disk 50GB of available memory SSD 100 GB of available memory
Connections USB USB
Resolution 1280 pixels x 1024 pixels 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels

The program is fully functional under the minimum requirements. To achieve a higher operating speed, we recommend to use SSD hard disks. These are much faster in processing than conventional HDDs.

The programme is licensed with a single-user USB dongle. You receive this when the programme is installed. The USB dongle must be connected to your PC before the programme is installed. A dongle driver is installed by default during programme installation.

After installation, the programme will need to be constantly connected to the USB dongle.

The default programme directory for local installation is C:\Logikal.

While the programme is being used, data is processed in a temporary directory that is specific to the user. This temporary directory must be local, on a hard disk, and should have at least 30GB of memory available.

Windows users will require permission to read, write and edit for the programme directory and the temporary directory.

You will need an internet connection for regular updates, support and online help.

You can find further technical details under “Technical information”.