Version 10

Project Management

Project History

Small is beautiful. A new, small feature is waiting for you. With a new, clearly arranged project history within the project management, you can access your last edited projects even faster.

How it works

On the left side of the project management, there is an overview with your last opened projects.
Click the entry and the project opens up.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Projekthistorie

Project Centre

Change Position Properties in the Project Centre

Do you wish to quickly change a position without having to take the path via the input of elements? As of now, this works even faster. Since from now on, you are able to open the position properties directly via the project centre.

How it works

Right-click the position and select „“Edit“ → „Position Properties“ in the context menu.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Positionseigenschaften

Here you are able to carry out modifications at the position, just the way you are used to doing in the input of elements.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Positionseigenschaften2

Open Positions directly in „Elements“

With the new programme version 10 we will show you many new, direct ways, how to achieve your goal even faster and easier. When opening existing positions now for example, you get directly to the programme menu „Element“.

Newsletter 10 - EN - PosInElement

Change Quotation Price and Text via Project Centre

Yet quickly changing the quotation text or the quotation price, that has been estimated automatically? This works even faster now, since both can be done for every position directly via the project centre.

How it works

Click „Settings“ → „Project Centre“ → „Display“ in the project centre’s file menu and activate the option „Quotation Price“.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Angebotspreis

Estimate the position / the project and create a quotation. Afterwards, the amount appears in the column „Quotation Price“ in the project centre. Click the amount in the column and the programme window for modifying the quotation opens up.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Angebotspreis2

More information about fixed prices you find here.

Input of Elements

Enter Dimensions by Double-Click

Element dimensions can be altered now in the programme menu „Element“. This saves you the way via the grid input. By double-clicking you can now easily change connections, frames, glazing bars, transoms, leafs, bottom rails and insertions.

Newsletter 10 - EN - DoppelklickMase

Copy Profile Configurations

The new profile configuration’s copy function offers you more security in construction of curtain wall positions. Now you can copy curtain wall profile configuration, sleeves, material packages and supports, as well as splices, extensions, profile properties and free editing fast and reliably.

How it works

To copy profile configurations right-click a curtain wall profile. Select in the context menu under “Copy” the option “Profile Configuration”.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Profilkonfigurationkopieren

To insert the profile configuration, right-click another curtain wall profile. Select under “Insert” the option “Profile Configuration”. A special highlight: While working with several screens at the same time, the profile configuration will be copied cross-positioned.

Under „Edit“ in the file menu, you will find the feature „Copy Profile Configuration“. This feature lets you transfer profile configurations to several mullions or transoms via a selection box or Ctrl + Click at the same time.

You can copy the following configurations:

  • Curtain Wall Profile Configuration
  • Reinforcement Sleeves
  • Material Packages
  • Support
  • Splices
  • Extensions
  • Profile Properties
  • Free Machining

Position Properties extended

We put great emphasis on your being able to view all position data clearly arranged at one glance. Therefore we placed the setting options for glass gaskets, centre gaskets, and sealings with the building structure from „Additional Data“ to the front. You can find them now in position properties. In case you wish to change project glass, these changes will be automatically updated in all positions.

How it works

Click „Element“ → „Position Properties“. In the bottom area under „Others“ you will find additional settings for glass gaskets, centre gaskets, and sealings with the building structure.

Newsletter 10 - EN - PosEigenschaftenErweitert

Finish Positions in Programme Window „Element“

Why not have the programme create the position? As long as you fulfil the project’s requirements, you have the opportunity to finish the position already in the input of elements in the programme window „Element“.

Newsletter 10 - EN - PosInElementAbschliessen

Undo/Redo-Steps with Course

Another very useful feature in the input of elements facilitates the overview of the recently done changes of your construction. In the toolbar you now find a course of the individual alteration steps that you can undo or redo under „“Undo“ and „Redo“.

How it works:

Undo alterations

Click the arrow pointing downwards next to the word „Undo“. A list with the alteration steps opens up. Click the alteration step and the programme will adjust the position.

Newsletter 10 - EN - UndoRedo

Redo alterations

Click the arrow pointing downwards next to the word „Redo“. A list with alteration steps opens up. Click the alteration step and the programme will adjust the position.

Display Colour in Project Glass List

Project Glasses become colourful. The filling colours are displayed in their own column and contribute to the clear arrangement.

How it works

Click „Project“ → „Project Items“ → „Project Glass“ in the project centre’s file menu. In the tab „General“ on the right hand side you can select a colour under „Default Colour“. After saving this item, the colour will be displayed on the left hand side in its own column in the list.

Newsletter 10 - EN - DarstellungsfarbenProjektglas

Better Selection of Fillings from Glass Preferences

For an easier and quicker selection of fillings, which have been defined in the glass preferences, you have a selection at the top of the holding area of these glazings at your disposal.

How it works

Enter the glass data in the project centre under „Job” → „Project Preferences“ → „Fillings“. From now on this data is always available for you in the glazing’s selection list right at the top.

Newsletter 10 - EN - UebersichtProjektglaeser

Insert Glass Favourites and delete via Right-click

For an easier and quicker selection of glass, you can now create favourites in the glass selection, just like you are used to from the selection of items already.

How it works

Select the glass and click „Add to Favourites“.

From now on the selected filling will be at your disposal on top of the selection list. This is applied project over-lapping.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Glasfavoriten

Right-clicking the filling removes the items from your list of favourites.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Glasfavoriten2

Project Wall Connections

The new programme version offers you the opportunity to create your own wall connections. Thus inserting and editing within a project wall connections flexibly and safely.

How it works

Click „Wall Connections“ in the input of elements.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Projektwandanschluss

Under „Project Wall Connections“ click „New/Edit“. You will get to an overview with all available project wall connections. You can add new project wall connections in this programme window.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Projektwandanschluss2

Right-click the wall connection for editing.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Projektwandanschluss3

In order to adjust the wall connection drawing, right-click to the preview image and select „Edit Drawing“ from the context menu. You might also use the symbol „Edit“ for the same purpose.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Projektwandanschluss4

You get to the CAD and can modify the drawing.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Projektwandanschluss5

You can access the project wall connections in the right column via the project centre.

Newsletter 10 - EN - Projektwandanschluss6

Or click „Job“ → „Project Items“ → „Project Wall Connections“ in the file menu.


Input of Elements, CAD and Estimation combined

Embed your elements into a CAD drawing already in the planning stage. Changes at the element are updated right away and vice versa. The update takes place cross-workplace. This interaction also works, when an additional CAD system has been embedded into your workflow. ERP systems use the same connection to keep material, resource planning, estimation etc. up-to-date – regardless at what place or which connected programme an alteration is carried out. No matter the line of sight, whether commercially in ERP, calculatory or concerning drawings in CAD systems, data always aligns and the pages are always up-to-date.

How it works

In the CAD you will find the new feature „Position“ in the file menu.

Newsletter 10 - EN - CAD1

You are able to create whole new projects and positions directly in the CAD via this menu.
Add positions to the drawing area and edit them here.

To insert the position, open the CAD and click „Position“ → „Insert Position“ in the file menu. Select a position from the list.

Newsletter 10 - EN - CAD2

To generate a section of this position, click „Position“ → „Set Section Line“ in the file menu.

Newsletter 10 - EN - CAD3

Set the intersection line by keeping the left mouse button pressed.

Place the section drawing onto the drawing area by pressing the left mouse button.

Newsletter 10 - EN - CAD4

Plot Menu: Undo / Redo Functions

Creating and arranging drawing printouts in the plot menu has become even more comfortable. With an „Undo“ and „Redo“ function you can now handle your drawing elements even more flexible.

How it works:

Open the plot menu (for example via cross section or CAD). You will find two buttons marked „Undo“ and „Redo“

Newsletter 10 - EN - Plotmaske1

User Database

Embed Supplier’s Interfaces

Our users have expressed their wish to embed special colours of their coating company into the programme. We are pleased to fulfil this request. With the version 10 you can enter your coating company’s colour scheme and base your project’s construction and estimation upon it. With this tool you estimate to millimetre accuracy within the colour world of your particular supplier.

How it works

Under „User Database“ → „Colours“ you will find an input menu for special scolours. Enter the coating company, the colour groups, and the corresponding colours and their specifications.

Newsletter 10 - EN - OberflaecheHersteller1

This data will be available to you in the input of elements and for the estimation.

Newsletter 10 - EN - OberflaecheHersteller2

 Reactivation of inactive Items

Do you still have items in stock that your supplier has removed from their delivery programme? Version 10 offers a both innovative and simple solution: The according items can be reactivated and are available without any limitation for the project processing. Hereby you will access the last valid item price and thus guarantee the estimation’s accuracy.

How it works:

Click „User Database“ → „Reactivation of Inactive Items“.

Newsletter 10 - EN - ArtikelReaktivieren1

To reactivate an item, tick „Reactivate“.

Newsletter 10 - EN - ArtikelReaktivieren2