CNC Company Standard

Each of your CNC / Saw must be installed in LogiKal.

Click in the file menu of the project centre on “CNC database” and select the menu item “CNC Company Standard”.



Click on the “Add” icon to create a new saw/cnc.

Tip: If you use steel and aluminum series on your machine, you should create two different machines to avoid the need to activate and deactivate tools.


Enter the description and machine type.

Depending on the type of machine you may select different values in the forms.

On the “General” form you determine the directories of the the machine program.


On the tab “Machinings to be performed” you specify the types of machining.


Under “Technical Information” you can define automatic corrections for the machining.


Based on the technical options and restrictions of the interfaces, not every item can be selected for every machine.

On the “Standard machinings” tab, determine the dimensions of the standard machinings.

This item makes it easier to program the standards.


You have to transmit DXF files and the profile parameters to your machine.

Therefor click on the File menu under “CNC Databases” and select “CNC Company Standard”.

Right-click on the machine and select under “Export” the menu item “Profile Drawings”.


Configure your settings and click the “Export” button.


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