Import Window Hardware

Click „System Database“ → „System Input“ → „Window Hardware“ in the project centre and then the button „Import“ on the right hand side.


For the import of window hardware different options are available:



1. Orgadata Kits

The required files have to be in csv-format.

File item contains the list of used item

File hardware contains the combination of hardware kits

CNC are imported automatically, if delivered by the supplier and saved in the same directory as the file hardware.

Select supplier (or if not already available, create a new one with button „New“).

With „Continue“ you proceed to the next respective message window.



Messages concerning the first line of the files item and hardware can be ignored:

Finally the kits to be imported will be shown above and the ones to be updated (if any) shown. „Import“ will start the import process.



2. Winkhaus UFDEF-File

Reading an xml-file created by the company Winkhaus (any existing adaptations will not be imported).

After the import of the xml-file the allocations of „Corresponding Hardware“ for the stile kits have to be carried out manually.

3. Winkhaus UFDEF-File with NC-Assignment

As previously, however with entries for the positioning of adaptations.

4.MACO Hardware

Reading an xls or xlsx-file created by the company Maco. If Maco delivers hardware in csv-format, this import function can be applied (use Orgadata kits).