Import Alternative Items

Download Template

Download Excel Template for Data Import here.

In case you received an import file from your alternative supplier, please remember that it is an xls file.

Import Data

Enter the data into the table and save it in xls format.

Click „User Database“ in the project centre and select „Alternative Item“ under „Item Substitution“.


Select the system supplier, to whom you want the substitutional item numbers to be imported.


Click „Import“ at the bottom left of the toolbar.

Select your filled out excel file and the supplier in the following programme window and click „Next“.


In the following programme window, click „Preview“ in the toolbar. You can have the entries displayed and check them. Click „Next“.


Assign Columns

In the next programme window you can assign the corresponding columns. For this, please click the little triangle next to the column description.


Columns should be assigned as follows:


Column 1 = “Number”
Column 2 = “System Supplier (Main Number)”
Column 3 = “System Supplier (Alternative Number)”
Column 4 = “Alternative Number”

Column 5 = “Group“
This column only needs to be filled out, in case the item substitution is supposed to be optional. In case you always wish to substitute (not optionally), please simply leave this column (Column E in the excel table) blank.

Column 6 = “From Quantity”
Value 1 should at least be assigned. Value 0 stands for „Do not use substitution“. Where a packing unit size is concerned, please enter PU size here.

In case you wish to determine project-dependent if the item shall be substituted optionally, please enter the name for the substitution here. You will then find the following field in the order/estimation of the printout options:


This has to be activated by you. Following you will find your group with the item substitution, which you can activate depending on the project.

Finish Import

After assigning the columns click „Continue“ and then „Import“.