Import Special Prices

Step 1
Please download the special update from you internet account.

Step 2
Run the update and restart the program.

Step 3
Please select in the menu bar of the Project Center “User Database” -> “Estimation Data”.


Step 4
Select the estimation data set and click on the button “Edit”.


Step 5

The dialogue with the estimation data appears.


Please click the button “Enter Special Prices”.

Step 6

The following window appears:


Delete the old price data of a supplier, by selecting it in the dropdown menu on the top. Then click the button “Delete All”.

Step 7
Click on the button “Import”.


Step 8

Please select the special price import file under “File”. The fields “File Type” and “Supplier” will be filled in automatically.

You may also enter this data manually.

If you want to import Excel files, please select under “File Type” the option csv.


Click on the button “Next”.

Step 9

A dialogue with the preview of the prices appears.


Click on the button “Next”.

The new price list is checked for double entries. After that a list of the files that shall be imported will be displayed.


Click on the button “Import” to finish this procedure.

The import of the special prices has finished successful and will be displayed in the estimation data.