Netsoft MDB Output

Create a new report

Under report settings click „Settings“ > „Reports“.

Click „New“ in the toolbar to generate a new report. Enter the description „Netsoft“ as a report name and select “ERP-Export” under report type.


Settings General

Click on the tab “General”


Enter the following data:

“Output Directory”: Determine the directory for the output files.

„File Name“: Enter „#.mdb“.

Select in the dropdown beneath “Commission / Job”

Settings Database

Click on the tab “Database”.


Activate the following options under “Flags”:

  • Estimation
  • Discount Group
  • Optimisation
  • Quotation Prices
  • Shipping Address / Orders
  • CE-Data

Settings ERP

Select to tab ERP.


Enter the DLL-directory under „DLL“. Usually it is the file “RepEx.dll”

Under „Index“ enter MS Access Database (*.MDB).

Settings Position Drawing

Select the tab „Position Drawing 1“.


Tick the option „Active“ to activate the entry.

Activate the option „Display Profiles in Actual Colour“.

Settings Shaped Glass

Switch to tab „Shaped Glass 1“ and activate it.


Click the button „Save“.



In the project centre you will now find the point Netsoft under quotations / invoices.


Click on Netsoft and a new programme dialogue opens.


Click „Execute“ in the toolbar.

The window with infos on price takeover appears.

Click „OK“ in the toolbar and you will receive the message that the ERP export has been carried out successfully.