Door panel configurator Adeco

The Adeco door panel configurator has been integrated into the glazing input.

This new feature provides you the technical and commercial data for Adeco door panels.


To use the configurator, you will need to request a registration code (known as a ‘token’) from Adeco.

Enter this token in LogiKal as follows:

Go to the project centre and click in the file menu on ‘Settings’ > ‘Additional Settings’.

Switch to the ‘Online Configurators’ tab.

Enter the token under “Adeco”.


In the glazing input, go to ‘Filling’ and select ‘Adeco door panels’.

A new programme window opens with the configurator interface. Here you can ‘build’ your ‘custom panel’ using all the technical and commercial data from Adeco.

To navigate through the configurator, click on ‘Continue’ in the top right corner.

Once you have made all the desired settings, click on ‘Create offer and transfer data’ in the bottom left corner.

The door panel is available with all technical and commercial data in the glazing input.

The documents generated by the Adeco configurator can be found in the project centre on the right hand side under ‘Documents’.