Estimation during Input of Element

A new live estimation feature has been integrated for window and door positions. The price is generated automatically in the background and displayed in the top left corner. If you make any changes to the position, these will be immediately reflected here. In the Estimation Data window you will find [...]

Monday, 10. September 2018|Allgemein|

Report viewer with new features

Zoom in To zoom into a particular area of a page, hold down the left mouse button and drag a box over the area you wish to enlarge. The zoom factor can be adjusted using the tools in the ‘View’ area of the toolbar. Find function A new find function [...]

Monday, 3. September 2018|Allgemein|

Send reports via email

Reports can be sent via email. First enter a name for the file and then enter the recipient’s email address. Click on the ‘Send email’ button. Your default email programme will open for you to send the report. Available in Version 11.2

Monday, 27. August 2018|Allgemein|

Save reports as a PDF

The new formats for saving reports are PDF and XPS. Files can be stored in the project folder and accessed under ‘Documents’ in the project management. Available in Version 11.2

Monday, 20. August 2018|Allgemein|

Directory and page preview in reports

A page preview is shown on the left. For all reports you can switch between page view and a directory of contents. To do this, click on the ‘Directory’ tab at the bottom of the screen. The articles in the directory of contents are linked. Clicking on an article will [...]

Monday, 13. August 2018|Allgemein|

New Window hardware assistant

A digital assistant is used to select window hardware. It guides you step by step through the process of entering a window. All components are sequentially requested in logical order and the installation situation is taken into account.    Available in Version 11.2

Thursday, 9. August 2018|Allgemein|

Embed Supplier’s Interfaces

You can enter your coating company’s colour scheme and base your project’s construction and estimation upon it. With this tool you estimate to millimetre accuracy within the colour world of your particular supplier.

Friday, 8. June 2018|Allgemein|

Tip: Reactivation of inactive Items

Do you still have items in stock that your supplier has removed from their delivery programme? The according items can be reactivated and are available without any limitation for the project processing.

Wednesday, 6. June 2018|Allgemein|

Login-Service Information

The SSO (Single Sign On) is a license management program of Orgadata. This service manages the licenses of the program modules and interfaces for CAD and ERP systems.

Tuesday, 8. August 2017|Allgemein|