Webinar about Reports

In this webinar we will go with you through various reports and settings so that you can send all your data safely and reliably to where it is needed. It doesn't always have to be paper, we will show you how you can send the documents directly by e-mail or [...]

Thursday, 21. March 2019|Allgemein|

Escape doors

Based on the standards for escape doors (EN 179) and panic doors (EN 1125), LogiKal provides you ingenious utilities that enable you to comply with the legal requirements - without a great deal of extra effort. Thanks to the advanced settings for leaf types, you can easily define closing functions [...]

Thursday, 28. February 2019|Allgemein|

External monitoring

For fire protecting elements and panic doors a monitoring of an external institution is always required. Therefor a section has been added to the global settings where the testing institute can be selected and the certificate number entered. Go to the project centre and click in the file menu on [...]

Monday, 5. November 2018|Allgemein|

Article Reference Points

You can create reference points for your own articles/HUDs now. In this way you can edit machinings to the articles. Click on ‘User Database’ > ‘Article Data’. Select an article and click on the ‘Reference Points’ tab. Further details about reference points can be found in the following chapter: http://help.orgadata.com/en/docs/manual/cnc/profile-reference-points/ [...]

Monday, 29. October 2018|Allgemein|

Show/hide systems in Input of Element

Systems can be shown/hidden in the Input of Element. Click in the project centre in the file menu on ‘User Database’ > ‘System Input > ‘System Data’. To display a system in the Input of Element, activate the system here by checking the box next to the system name. To [...]

Monday, 22. October 2018|Allgemein|

Allebacker letter box configurator

The Allebacker letter box configurator has been integrated into the glass input. This new feature provides you all the technical and commercial data for Allebacker post boxes. Setup In order to use this configurator you will need a customer number and a ‘Person in charge ID’ from Allebacker. If you [...]

Monday, 8. October 2018|Allgemein|

Adeco door panels

The Adeco door panel configurator has been integrated into the glazing input. This new feature provides you the technical and commercial data for Adeco door panels. Setup To use the configurator, you will need to request a registration code (known as a ‘token’) from Adeco. Enter this token in LogiKal [...]

Monday, 24. September 2018|Allgemein|

New user permission: Change material determination

The new user permission ‘Change settings for material determination estimation’ allows a user to view and modify the material determination options for an estimation dataset. This can be necessary when materials are ordered different from the original estimation settings (e.g. if a bulk price list is used, filling and alternative [...]

Monday, 17. September 2018|Allgemein|