The Allebacker letter box configurator has been integrated into the glass input.

This new feature provides you all the technical and commercial data for Allebacker post boxes.


In order to use this configurator you will need a customer number and a ‘Person in charge ID’ from Allebacker. If you do not have these details yet, you can request them from Allebacker.

Enter the access details into the programme as follows:

Click in the project centre in the file menu on ‘Settings’ > ‘Additional Settings’.

Switch to the ‘Online Configurators’ tab.

Enter your access details under “Allebacker”.


Open the glazing form in Input of Element.

Click in the position drawing on the field into which you wish to integrate a letter box.

Under ‘Filling’ select ‘Allebacker letter box’.

The Allebacker letter box configurator opens.

Follow the steps to create the letter box.

Once you have finished configuring the letter box, click on ‘Save project now’.

Click on the ‘X’ symbol on the top right to close the Allebacker configurator and return to the Input of Element screen.

The letter box with all technical and commercial data is now available in the glazing input.

Available in Version 11.2